What is a3 event in lte?

Event A3. LTE event A3 is triggered when the adjacent cell is offset better than the serving cell. The offset can be either positive or negative.

What is the LTE a5 event? LTE event A1 is triggered when the serving cell is better than the threshold. LTE event A5 is triggered when the serving cell is worse than A5Thd. 1 Adjacent cells are better than A5Thd.

So what is an LTE measurement report? 4G LTE measurement reports are a way for UEs (“user devices”) or mobile devices to track various signal strength measurements and report to eNodeB when certain conditions are met. These conditions, reported as measurement reports, help eNodeB make handover decisions.

What’s more, what is LTE event b1? Inter-technology handover means mobility in a mode of connection between two different cells and different technologies. This topic is assigned to event B1 used for LTE intertechnology handover. This event type is also known as Inter-RAT or Inter-System Handover.

What is a b1 event for bargains? Event B1 (Inter-RAT neighbors are better than threshold) Event B1 can be used for inter-RAT handover procedures that do not depend on the coverage of the serving cell. For example, the load balancing feature decides to keep the UE away from the NR due to load conditions rather than radio conditions.

Given this, what is the LTE threshold? Threshold-RSRP IE specifies the linear average of the reference signal power over the specified bandwidth. This is the most important item that the UE must measure for cell selection, reselection, and handover. -120dbm (dB-milliwatt) is the threshold for signal loss when measured in LTE. RSRP.

What is the LTE connection procedure?

The LTE connection procedure is a procedure to create an EPS bearer between the UE and PGW so that the UE can register with the network and send and receive data to and from the PDN.

What is the LTE Rach procedure?

Two RACH processes: conflict-based and conflict-free. When the UE sends a PRACH preamble, the UE sends it in a specific pattern, which is called a “signature”. A total of 64 preamble signatures are available for each LTE cell, and the UE randomly selects one of these signatures.

What is the LTE call flow?

Long Term Evolution (LTE) has a myriad of new and exciting attributes. One of these is the LTE call flow itself. In fact, call flow and signaling are LTE-specific and driven by the 3GPP standard. Call flow is a method of creating signaling and sessions across the LTE network.

What is LTE cell reselection?

Cell reselection is the procedure used to change cells after the UE is camped in the cell and remains in idle mode. This procedure is used to camp the UE in the cell with the best radio condition of all other cells that the UE can camp.

What is an LTE A6 event?

Measurement event A6 is defined as “better offset than adjacent cells”. It is intended for in-frequency measurement events at the carrier frequency of the SCell. That is, event A6 compares the SCell with an adjacent cell at the same carrier frequency (see figure). Less than).

What is LTE Qci?

QoS Class Identifier (QCI) is a mechanism used in 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks to ensure that carrier traffic is assigned the appropriate quality of service (QoS).

What kind of handover does LTE support?

Supports two types of handovers: LTEX2-based handover and S1-based handover.

What is the trigger time?

Time to Trigger (TTT) TTT is the time that a specific criterion for an event must be met in order to trigger a measurement report. Values ​​are 0, 40, 64, 80, 100, 128, 160, 256, 320, 480, 512, 640, 1024, 1280, 2560, and 5120 milliseconds. 3.2. Evaluation of TTT.

What is Volte’s Srvcc?

With Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SRVCC), in-progress MMTel voice calls over LTE are passed to the GSM or WCDMA circuit-switched domain and dropped when LTE coverage is lost. You can reduce the number of calls.

What is Gunme?

GUTI (Globally Unique Temporary Identity) is GUMMEI (Globally Unique MME Identifier) ​​that uniquely identifies the MME to which GUTI is assigned, and the UE in this MME.

What is LTE detachment?

When the radio bearer is created, the eNB downlink address is sent to the SGW in a GTP message. LTE UE Initiated Detach UE decides to detach from the network. Sends a detach request message to the network. When the network removes the EPS bearer, the radio bearer is destroyed.

How does the 4G LTE Internet work?

However, using 4G LTE Home Internet Services is not exactly the same as running a hotspot. Instead of sending everything from your cell phone, you can configure your router to communicate directly with your 4G LTE network, and that router will convert the signal to traditional Wi-Fi that everyone knows and loves.

What is a call flow diagram?

The call flow diagram provides a visual structure of the basic structure of the call you are trying to make. Call flow diagrams come from telemarketing Use this tool to train phone personnel on how to handle calls.

What is a GSM call flow?

GSM Call Flow GSM mobile phones use a random access channel (RACH) to request a dedicated channel from the base station. The base station responds with radio resource allocation on the Permissions Channel (AGCH).

What is the call flow process?

The call flow is a roadmap for how to handle a call from the moment the call enters the phone system to the end of the call. Call flows can be used to handle even the most complex call scenarios and enable good customer care.

How does LTE handover work?

Handover procedure is an important function of LTE eNB. These are intended to reduce downtime compared to circuit-switched handover processes in 2G networks. Handover within E-UTRAN. The procedure when the UE leaves the cell managed by the eNB and enters the cell managed by the second eNB.

What is an LTE channel?

What is an LTE channel? Information flows between different protocol layers are called channels. These are used to separate different types of data and allow them to be transferred between different layers.

What is the type of handover?

There are two types of handovers, vertical and horizontal. Horizontal handover occurs when a device moves within one type of network technology under one operator. For example, a mobile phone user traveling within the provider’s network will need to switch between cellular towers as they move within and outside the range of different towers.

What is LTE idle mode?

LTE specifies two UE states, idle mode and connected mode, to avoid unnecessary signaling. If there is no data to send to the UE, the UE is said to be in idle mode, and if data is being sent or communication is taking place, the UE is said to be in a connected state.

What is Plmn LTE?

Android 11 includes a method in the Cell Identification API to get information about the PLMNs supported by the cell to distinguish between cellular service providers and network operators. Multi-PLMN support provides flexibility for mobile network operators (MNOs) by allowing mobile network operators (MNOs) to broadcast multiple identities.

What is cell selection?

Cell sorting involves both separating mixed populations of cells with different fate and characteristics into separate domains and actively maintaining their separation.

What is NR SMTC? The

3GPP specification introduces an SSB-based RRM measurement timing configuration window (called the SMTC window) that informs the device (UE) about the SSB measurement cycle and timing that the device (UE) can use for measurement.

What is a 5g spCell?

For convenience of explanation, the concept spCell (special cell) is also defined in the protocol because most signaling is sent only by PCell and PSCell. spCell = PCell + PSCell. Note: spCell supports PUCCH outbound and conflict-based random access and is always activated.

What is X2 Handover?

In-LTE (in-MME / SGW) handovers using the X2 interface have not changed the Mobility Management Entity (MME) and Serving Gateway (SGW).

What is A3 format?

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